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(Attributed to Dr. Gerrard Louis, LHC Scientist, 0.0194 seconds before the Big Mistake)

In the year 2012, or Six monkey-slap-slap, or 3285, or…

Okay, 150 years ago in the reckoning of some persons’ Earth, a group of scientists at the Large Hadron Collider made a Big Mistake. All of the many versions of the world collapsed into one just one reality.

Your reality, your history was not the “correct” one, but merely one of thousands. The stunned survivors of this accident often found that persons or places that they remembered no longer existed or were merged into some kind of monstrous amalgam. The infrastructure of the world was destroyed in the blink of an eye (or three). Planes crashed into runways that moved two miles west of their other position, power lines fell into roads when the towers disappeared, water mains emptied into the air.

Even worse, many of those other realities suffered mega-disasters in their past. Now portions of these pockmarked the new earth. Some were man-made, some natural, some extra-terrestrial, some even extra-planar. Disease ravaged the land. Nanite plagues spread, rebuilding structures and DNA strands. Radiation burned and mutated a lot of what was left.

Evolution took some different turns in these realities, or was manipulated. The roar of dinosaurs echoed in the ancient cities; assassin plants hunted down their vegan oppressors; mutant beasts peered up from the sewers. Uplifted slave races revolted — the pig men dined on Hell’s Angels long-pork and then rode off on their hogs.

Cities that rested in the eternal Ishtaran Empire were suddenly cut off from the will of their Solar Emperor; The machine-souls of Xi were suddenly downloaded into mere material forms and cut off from the broadcast power waves! The nanogenerators began to run dry. The mighty star colonies of the Grays found that the human vermin, extinct for centuries were suddenly underfoot again.

Welcome to Gamma Terra.

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