You Are a Mutant Freak

“Human” is a broad term. Most inhabitants of Gamma Terra are human, with minor mutations. Most mutations are cosmetic, such as purple skin or distinctive head-wrinkles; a few are helpful, such as sensitive ears or cat eyes.

So is “mutant.” People who have major mutations (those that qualify as powers) are considered mutants—especially the players’ characters. Most player characters are mutants (or at least look like mutants). Attitudes toward mutants vary widely: Some people think they’re cool, others revile them, and most don’t care.

You are an Alpha Mutant. A small subset of the population that has just the right genetic or algorithmic predisposition can spontaneously manifest entirely new mutant abilities by drawing on alternate worldlines. This is the power that sets all PCs apart from the rest of the freaks.

Gamma World PCs fall into these categories:

  • Mutated Animal: Your origins strongly suggest animal ancestry, you’re a mutated animal. For example, felinoids are basically great cats mutated to human-like intelligence, who have functional hands, upright stances, and the ability to speak.
  • Artificial: If one of your origins is Android, you’re a robot, an android or cyborg.
  • Humanoid: If your origins don’t suggest an animal, android or plant origin, but you’re not human, you’re considered a humanoid. For example you might be Giant or Seismic, and it is obvious that you aren’t entirely human. You could also be green-skinned, or scaly, or have small antennae or posses some other minor cosmetic difference that sets you apart from true humans.
  • Human: If you are an Engineered human, or a mutant who has an origin that does imply a drastic alteration of your body form, you can call yourself “human.” Ancient robots and AIs often react more favorably to humans than to other characters. If you could walk down any current-day street and not cause any alarm or concern, you can call yourself human.


You Are a Mutant Freak

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