Tower City

from Famine in Far-Go

Aside from minor squabbles and ruffled feathers, the communities near A-10s get along, with one exception: Tower City. A remote village that hugs the end of the 7-Ate as it crawls west, Tower City is a frontier settlement if there ever was one. Isolated, deemed backward by its neighbors, and populated by a freak show of mutants, the community is better suited as fodder for tales than as a stopover on the way to lands unknown. It wasn’t always this way. The locals of Tower City were normal (by Gamma Terra’s standards) until they embraced the religion of a carnival of Radioactivists who promised a better life through mutation. They latched onto the new faith and have never looked back.

The people of Tower City don’t cause much trouble, but they don’t welcome visitors, either. Normals-meaning any folks who lack tentacles or other profound disfigurements-are shooed away from the squalid collection of huts and mud streets and barred from approaching the metal tower that rises in the center of the village. The tower, which extends nearly a hundred feet in the air, has strange fins near its top, and many locals claim it came from the skies during the time of the Big Mistake.

The winged white star decorating its side is visible from the edges of town.


Tower City

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