The Stormtower


The Stormtower was a prison re-education camp for the Ishtaran Empire’s Western Zone. The prison merged with at least three other Ancient cities from disparate timelines during the Big Mistake — creating havoc until Castellan Lux was able to subdue her foes using the power of the great Panoptikon — a great lens that could use the power of the sun to both show forces hidden in the city and strike them dead with a light that vaporized flesh, yet left walls standing.

Prisoner 9, the most feared of Ishtar’s enemies, led the resistance against Lux and the remnants of Ishtar’s might in the years of war that followed the Big Mistake.. Eventually, 9 and a group of misfits struck against the Panoptikon tower itself using a new super weapon. Explosions rocked the city as a storm formed over the tower, obscuring the great weapon — a storm that rages until this day.

It is said that neither the beautiful, but cruel Castellan Lux or the mysterious Prisoner 9 escaped that day’s event, but Eight Castellans have ruled the city since and her armies still march under the banner of Ishtar, but those forces are now made up of all that survived the Big Mistake — the children of prisoners and guards alike.


The Stormtower

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