Bio Energy: You alter your physical nature possibly activating pieces of junk DNA or making all your mitochondria do something new and different

Dark Energy: Dark energy is a force that pervades every bit of matter in every universe. You can unlock it and shape it into usable forms.

Psi Energy: You focus your mind to do impossible things.

Area 52: And you thought Area 51 was a big secret! Area 52 tech is derived from from the Greys – extraterrestrials who mastered Dark Energy millennium ago.
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Ishtar: The Empire of Ishtar is a highly advanced human civilization that arose on the number of worldlines. The Ishtarans send spies, advisers and even armies of conquerors to man the the alternate earths. Their technology is photonic in nature.
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Xi: Xi (zee) tech is the product of machine intelligence and is built on nanotech and neural interfaces. Like the Ishtarans, machine civilizations are common in many wordlines.
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