One of the continuing struggles on the part of the people of A-10s is to keep the kudzu under control. Without large-scale eradication efforts and poisons, the green weed has taken over large portions of the area. All persons are pressed into duty removing the weed, especially during the growing season. And the kudzu of Gamma Terra is even scarier…

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After the Big Mistake, kudzu covered the Ancients’ city in mere decades, entombing many buildings in a wave of green. The kudzu also birthed strange beings which now stalk in its shadows.

Kai lin

New overlords took residence in the city, and dark rites were chanted in the shade of green. Those not of the vine that wished to live brought their sacrifices to the old temples.

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Kudzuul was born. All must bow before Kudzuul.

King kudzuul



Kudzuul CleverName