Darwin's Crater

from Famine in Far-Go

One year ago, a mountain fell from the sky. It burned a path across the heavens in a fiery arc that was visible from drowned Nu Ork City to Bizmark, dropping flaming debris in its wake. Few people knew what to make of its appearance, although many chose to interpret the blazing object as a sign from the gods to go looting and killing. No one was more confused than the people of A-10s when the burning ball landed in their backyard, throwing up a cloud of dirt and ash in such quantities that some feared it was the Big Mistake all over again. For the better part of a month, soil and cinders rained down across the land, and a billowing black cloud rose from the impact site. For most residents of A-10s, the cloud was the only warning they needed to steer clear.

Leonid metor

Of course, not everyone listened to common sense, and a small band of brave (or foolish) people set out to explore the crash site and determine what had fallen from the sky. The expedition was fiercely opposed by the more conservative elements in A-10’s community, who deemed themselves proven right when the explorers never returned. Sometimes it’s best to keep your eyes on the ground and your mind on next year’s crop.


Darwin's Crater

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