Big Lizard Hole

The riding lizards that Sixeye Taint sells are descendants of eggs harvested from the infamous Big Lizard Hole. Sixeye Taint and his band of freelancers have led several trips into the crater to gather specimens. It is rumored that the serpent men have paid him to recover other objects from its jungles as well.


At the center of this crater is supposed to be what is left of a 300 foot radioactive dinosaur that destroyed Old Gusta after the Big Mistake. Others claim that the dinosaur saved Old Gusta (despite the extensive collateral damage) from a worse fate when the octopod monster rose out of the swamps, keening some song that drove men mad. The crater was formed when they destroyed one another.

Godzilla vs  cthulhu by aquilianranger

Big Lizard Hole

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