History: Like most histories of Gamma Terra the history of A-10s is a bit confused as many books, computers or even olders just don’t have the same history.

North campus is the seat of the Moot. The leaders of A-10s meet in the Hall of the Ancients (the old main library).

Citizens Rule. Gamma Athens is one of the few neo-democracies in the area, but only citizens may vote for the seven Nuci of the Moot, also called The Athenians. The Nuci serve for seven years, and elect their own leader, the Regent. Customarily, the Regent is in charge of the guard and militia.

Citizenship is conferred by the council on the few. Paying taxes, providing service to the community (often military), heroics, and artistic ability win citizenship (which is not hereditary).

Mutant City. For whatever reason A-10s produces more mutants than “normal” (a very loose term on Gamma Terra). Most residents in the area are born with birthmark “tattoos” and colorful hair.

Enlightened Hedonism. A-10s’ chief exports are pipe weed and song. The soil is bountiful enough for modest farms, but the purple pipe weed is beloved of many inhabitants and only grows in A-10s’ funky, funky soil.

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