Suicide Robot Cult Attacks!

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Locals Terrorized by Mechanical Menace

Nicto Fellenworth, rickshawist, reports that he saw a small robot careening down the Winderhaven road belching blue smoke and sparks yesterday. He tried to pass the robot several times, but its erratic movements kept him from getting around. After a few minutes it stopped in the middle of the road and began to shudder and glow — Nicto and his passenger, Large Henry Smalls barely had time to scramble away as the thing exploded, blasting poor Nicto’s sole means of support to kindling. Mr. Smalls lost his lunch on the side of the road, and his dinner (left in the rickshaw).

This is the second rogue robot in three weeks that has attacked. Banana Harold’s fruitstand was seriously damaged 18 days ago in the village of Ort.




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